7 Tips To Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

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Storms are one of the most common natural disasters in the United States. They can cause severe damage to homes and businesses.

High winds can tear off shingles and break branches, allowing water to seep into your home. Heavy rains can cause flash flooding, which can damage your foundation. And hail can dent or crack your roof, leading to leaks. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on how you can protect your roof from storm damage. Keep reading to get valuable information!

Protecting Your Roof From Storm Damage

1-Damaged Shingles Replacement

If any shingles on your house are broken or missing, it’s time to replace them. A malfunctioning shingle is more likely to fall off than a working one. If you lose the entire shingle, your property will be visible from all angles.

Wind will also be able to get under it and cause significant damage to your entire home. Minor roof repairs are more appealing than larger ones because they are less expensive.

2-Repair Any Loose Siding

Strong winds and hail storms can damage siding, causing it to lose. In this case, just like shingles, siding needs immediate attention.

3-Roof Gutters Cleaning

Gutters should drain water away from your foundation with your downspouts. Water damage, flooding, or foundation concerns are one of the most basic methods to reduce the value of your property. Keep your home safe from flooding by ensuring that your gutters are clean.

4-Ensure The Water Is Flowing Away From Your Home

The grade of your lot’s primary purpose is to keep the water from flowing near your property and into a drain or other suitable drainage location.

5-Seal Your Doors And Windows Properly

A small opening is all it takes for wind-driven rain to ruin the seals around your windows and doors; this could make your home susceptible to water leaks.

6-Tree Trimming Regularly

Tree branches that are diseased or damaged can harm your home, car, and even your neighbor’s property. Trimming your trees is an excellent method to preserve the integrity of your roof and windows.

7-Keep Checking Around Your Property

As storm season approaches, many homeowners don’t have the time or know-how to inspect or repair anything on their property. Nevertheless, you can take some easy steps to limit the damage if you’re aware a storm is coming.

Recognizing the objects that could become projectiles around your house is essential. That means furniture for the lawn, equipment, flower pots, or other debris from the yard. Move those things to an indoor location like a garage or shed.

Hire Our Storm Damage Services And Have Peace Of Mind!

At NextGen Restoration, we offer storm damage restoration services for homeowners in need. We have over 12 years of expertise repairing roofs after storms. 

Our team of expert roofers at our restoration company will strive to ensure that your roof is in good working order and protects your home from any potential damage.


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