Commercial Roof Maintenance in Ohio and Kansas City

Scheduled roof maintenance is the best way to prevent major issues from developing into even more damaging consequences. By catching small problems before they can grow, you extend your commercial’s life cycle and maintain its value!

Let NextGen Restoration Maintain your Commercial Roof

When you schedule regular maintenance on your commercial roof, it can prevent major damage or roof replacements in the long-term. This can save you money and stress! Let NextGen Restoration prevent major issues from developing by scheduling regular maintenance for your commercial roof. 

By the time roof damage is obvious, secondary damage has often already occurred. This leads to a more expensive repair or likelihood that you will be faced with replacing your roof.

Our professional services include: 

  • Professional Inspections and Consultations
  • Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Premium Products from Top Brands
  • Simple Financing Options
  • 5-Year Workmanship Warranty (In Addition to Manufacturer Warranties)

Our Process

Our process is designed to be straightforward so that you can get the help you need without any hassle.


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